Release Status

The current status of the work.

Status Description
Finished Releasing The work has finished airing or serialization.
Currently Releasing The work is currently airing or in serialization.
Not Yet Released The work has yet to air or begin serialization.
Canceled An official announcement has been made that the work is canceled.
Hiatus Only applies to Manga and Light Novels. See full information below.

Hiatus Status

The general rule is that a manga can have the hiatus status if it has missed 3 or more of its expected release dates. For light novels, due to their sporadic publishing nature, the cutoff point is 5 years instead. However, there are some exceptions:

We have created a table to check for quick reference:

Type of Release Schedule Hiatus Eligibility
Daily After 2 weeks
Weekly After 3 weeks
Biweekly After 6 weeks
Monthly After 3 months
Bimonthly After 6 months
Quarterly After 9 months
Irregular After 6 months
Light Novels After 5 years

<aside> 💡 TIP This table is not exhaustive. There can be more types of release schedules (for example, 3 times a year). In every kind of regular release schedule longer than daily, a manga missing 3 or more issues always means it can be marked as being on hiatus.


<aside> ⚠️ WARNING Due to the diverse nature of written media, in rare instances and depending on the information available, there may be cases where the hiatus status is still not applicable even after the specified time has been met.

For example, the manga 1-Nen de 1 Page dake Susumu Manga no Sekai is supposed to release only once a year but has no regularly set schedule, so it can't be marked as being on hiatus until a reasonable enough span of time has passed (at least over a year).



This will be the season that the anime has aired in and used for the purpose of compiling information for the present and future AniChart. This can be left blank if the airing date has yet to be confirmed.

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING If a series starts releasing within the final few weeks of a season, it should be pushed forward to the next and be considered an early seasonal release.


<aside> ⚠️ WARNING Seasons should not be applied to music videos, advertisements/commercials, or experimental shorts.


<aside> ⚠️ WARNING Until AniChart has region filtering added, seasons should not be applied to non-Japanese media. Anime co-productions will have seasons applied on a case-by-case basis.


Season Period
Winter January 01 to March 31
Spring April 01 to June 30
Summer July 01 to September 30
Fall October 01 to December 31

Start Date

The date that the work began airing or began serialization.