😎 Overview

❓ What is Relay for Revit?


Relay is a plugin for Revit developed by Parallax Team. Relay aims to allow you to add Dynamo graphs (.dyn files) to your ribbon as push button tools.

This is achieved by launching Dynamo in the background (UI-Less) and running the given Dynamo graph. This requires you to only have one version of Dynamo installed and for your Dynamo Graph to be structured in a way that allows for you to not require inputs or use custom nodes to feed inputs. More info here: Working With Inputs

⚖ License

GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3)

Relay is available through the GPL-30 License. This essentially means you can do anything with this code except distribute closed source versions.

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🔵 Disclose source

🔵 License and copyright notice

🔵 Same license

🔵 State changes

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<aside> 💡 Basically, please be nice and contribute / improve this tool if you can.