Host: Josh Shaeffer

If you'd like to join: Join the Slack channel #learn-regen-agriculture

Meeting time: 5-6pm PT every other Wednesday - (June 2, 2021 agroforestry guest speaker)

Time commitment: 2+ hours per week (1 hour for the group meeting, 1+ hour of solo research)

This is a learning group. This means that members commit to meeting bi-weekly at a fixed time. We commit to allocating 2 hours per week to researching this topic on behalf of the working group. The goal of the working group is to produce a tangible output (e.g. a viable business plan or a white paper on the field).


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OCTOBER 22, 2020

ATTENDEES: Josh Shaeffer, Josh Daniel, Joe Rollin


Rename the weekly meeting to Regenerative Ag Happy Hour and move to Wednesdays at 5pm/8pm. Also need a pro Zoom link that we can use since none of the three on the call had one. JS only has Google Meet, which could be sufficient for now.

Why RA group? Potential Output?

JS - more business oriented outcomes; business plan, startup ideas, JVs or potential partnerships to take to companies, farms, etc. already in the space. Another idea is to create a group that can advise and help big companies make a shift (think General Mills) to look at the RA space and how they can participate and benefit.

JR - considering moving in RA for next step in his career; startup oriented, so for JR he would want more of a business outcome or startup ideas generated from the group.

JD - 1. Google Doc on carbon sequestration (cattle) → help synthesizing info here, could be a potential project for the group 2. Startups and/or jobs 3. Map of RA space and interesting things that are happening (infographic); there are some larger ag maps but not a pure RA play, although some companies are of course doing both (Regen, Organic, Conventional).

Other topics for the group could include inviting speakers, writing short blog posts hosted on Medium or LinkedIn. Get some thought leadership either in from the outside or share outward