2020 has taught us a lot. Namely,

➡️ The business built in "survival mode" isn't the one best positioned to help us thrive long term.

I know for a fact that you left our 9:00 to 5:00 because you wanted to create a life. Not another job with more emotional toll, but alas, sometimes that what we create when we're not intentional about creating patterns of business that allow thriving.

"It's so apparent now - just how much operating in survival mode has cost me. It's not just the inability to pursue new opportunities (which translates to dollars lost) but my health suffers, my family suffers. Everything is so much harder when I'm operating in survival mode. Hiring Hailey was one of the best things I've ever done for my business to start to turn all of that around." Heather O'Neill, 1:1 Client

➡️ This is a fuel problem. Your brain is looking around and seeing a lack of resources. Not enough time, money or energy to live out the legacy you had in mind.

Which is completely normal for the biz owner who originally built their biz as a way to get by.

But...You are not in that place anymore. You are focused on building for your legacy.

That original fuel source (Survival) was helpful in the beginning. But it's not sustaining.

➡️ At this point, it will either run out or run you into the ground.

And unless you learn how to run your business in a different way, you'll always operate in survival mode.

"There are plenty of resources on how to become excellent at your craft (social media, copywriting, etc) . But nothing was saying, "Here's how to be a confident, successful business owner." - Natalie Keifer, 1:1 Client

There are a lot of resources out there that will teach you how to be great at your craft and how to grow your business.

But one of the biggest missing pieces is how to grow your brain so that it can lead you to thriving - leading a profitable business with space for actually having a life.

➡️ This is the exact reason I built Refuel. It's a safe place to learn how to identify your survival patterns, dismantle them and replace them with patterns that allow you to grow your legacy.

Switching fuel sources doesn't come by happenstance.

You have to seek out the change.

You have to root out all of the sneaky thoughts that are left over from survival mode.

And you need to replace them with thoughts that generate sustainable, simple results. (Let's call this one, thrival mode.)