Similar to dbt's profiles.yml, Reflekt uses a reflekt_config.yml file to define configuration profiles that store credentials to connect and integrate with your Analytics Governance Tool, Customer Data Platform, and data warehouse. A reflekt_config.yml is automatically created with your profile credentials when setting up your Reflekt project by running the reflekt init command.

Example reflekt_config.yml

# NOTE - Multiple profiles allowed

# Example One - CDP = Segment; Analytics Governance tool = Segment Protocols; Warehouse = Redshift
  plan_type: segment                # Plan in Segment Protocols
  cdp: segment
  workspace_name: <your-workspace>  # From your account URL: <>
  access_token: <your_token>        # See Segment docs:  
      db_name: <your_database>
      host_url: <your_host_url>     # e.g.
      port: <your_port>             # e.g. 5439
      user: <your_user>             # We recommend creating a reflekt_user
      password: <your_password>

# Example Two: CDP = Segment; Analytics Governance tool = Avo; Warehouse = Snowflake
  cdp: segment
  plan_type: avo
      account: <your_account>      # e.g. abc1234
      database: <your_database>    # e.g. raw
      user: <your_user>            # Recommend creating a reflekt_user
      password: <your_password>
      role: <your_role>            # e.g. transformer
      warehouse: <your_warehouse>  # e.g. transforming