Hey there!

I'm Frank.

Redact was born out of a love for words and a desire to help people, in a small bedroom somewhere in the Caribbean, and ever since, I've had a goal of helping 1,000,000 people and I do that through my words.

Why work with Redact Copy?

Simple, I offer everything you need and nothing you don't.

Table of Contents

The customers I serve

I serve small and medium businesses in the form of:

Web Developers

I’ll help you make more money by helping those clients that can’t write their own copy.

Leaving you to focus on building the site.


I’ll help you make more money by writing words that sell and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Leaving you to focus on growing your business.


I’ll help you make more money by writing compelling copy that aligns with your brand without it getting lost.

Leaving you to focus on marketing and social media.

What others are saying

It's easy for me to spout my benefits, here's what my clients say:

“I've hired Frank for several projects and the copy has always been spot-on. It's difficult to find someone dependable who is able to write engaging copy while also hitting all the marks needed for SEO purposes and Redact never misses the mark."