What is Recurly?

Recurly is an enterprise-level platform for recurring billing management designed specifically for subscription-based SaaS, Web 2.0, Mobile, content and publishing businesses with global reach.

Integrating ReferralMagic and Recurly

Follow these steps to integrate your ReferralMagic and Recurly accounts.

Login to your accounts

Login to your ReferralMagic and Recurly accounts. If you haven't created a ReferralMagic account yet, click here to register free now.

Go to Recurly integration

On your ReferralMagic account, go to referral dashboard of your campaign. On the right side, you will see the Recurly integration link:


Enter Recurly credentials

On the next page, enter your Recurly API key and subdomain:


You can find your Recurly API key inside your Recurly account, Integrations > API Credentials section:


Once you click the "Connect" button after entering your Recurly API key and subdomain credentials, ReferralMagic will try connecting to your Recurly account and it will display a success message if connection is successful:


You can revoke the integration at any time by clicking the "Remove Integration" button.

Enable Recurly integration on tracker Javascript

Once the Recurly integration is enabled, you will need to add one more parameter to conversion tracking and invite-friend widget javascript. In conversion tracking Javascript, you will also need to pass the Recurly Account ID of the invited person. In invite friend widget, you will pass the Recurly Account ID of the referrer person. Here's an example for conversion tracking script:

	window.rfmgc('sign-up', {
		name: "__SIGNED_UP_USERS_NAME__"
		,recurly_accid: "__RECURLY_ACCOUNT_ID__"