Are you interested in one of the job offers from our career page? We're honoured that you're considering Surfer as the next stop in your career. To make this decision easier for you, here's a quick FAQ about the recruitment process at Surfer.

How does the recruitment process look like?

The process varies from one job offer to another, and you should be informed about the process once you hear from someone from Surfer.

In general, the process includes the following steps, but may vary from one position to another:

  1. Resume screening.
  2. Quick call with a manager from Surfer to get a broader understanding of mutual expectations, talk about your career advancement, discuss salary, and so on.
  3. Practical task.
  4. Meeting with two or more team members.

How long will it take to hear from your team?

Once you submit your application, it should take us anything from a few days up to 2 weeks. We take a lot of care reviewing our applications, but as a small team, we simply have not enough hours in a day to reply to each candidate at the CV screening stage.

Will I get a feedback during the recruitment?

On the application level: no. But if you go through the CV screening stage and someone from our team will schedule a call with you or assign you a task, you will receive feedback and decision whether you advance to the next stage or not.

Why does Surfer ask candidates to prepare a practical project?

Usually on the second or third stage of the recruitment process, you will receive a practical project.

Such an assignment gives us a unique insight into how well you will find yourself within Surfer team. On top of that, your solution gives us unbiased view on your skills which is impossible to grasp from a resume.

Once you get a task from us, your point of contact will be happy to help you understand it fully so feel free to reach out and ask additional questions. This is a critical step that will strongly impact the final decision.

Do I need to speak Polish to join Surfer?