This is a friendly guide for tech companies that are in the hunt for talent in Jerusalem.

The guide presents several options and ways of thinking for talent recruiting - but we are sure that there are many other solutions to this common problem. We try very hard to present to you all the relevant players in this HR world so that it will help you increase your potential candidates' pipeline. We’ll be happy to help and facilitate connections if needed.

In Jerusalem, we are encouraging a collaborative, ‘pay it forward’ culture among the city’s tech community. If you have ideas for more sources, let us know and we’ll happily add them.

Academic Institutions

Jerusalem has great academic institutions and they play a significant role in the creation of groundbreaking research-based startups and in fuelling the ecosystem with new talent.

So how can you reach Jerusalem's potential-flooded students? Actually it's not so hard.

Today, almost every academic institution holds it's very own career center, innovation center and someone who is in charge of all the talented alumni.

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We provide a short list of contacts, hope it helps!

Academic Institutions - Talent Centers

Digital Channels

The best way to find talent is getting recommendations from someone you know and trust - but the easiest way to find talent is using the internet! Here are all the relevant resources: