Recovering video files

The backup service will automatically sync video files for you but given the large size, extracting the files directly from the SD card may just be easier and quicker. To do so:

  1. Turn the ethoscope off from the node.
  2. Unplug the USB cable to remove the power and extract the SD card
  3. Insert the SD card on a Linux computer (you can use the node itself, of course). The desktop should automatically detect and mount three hard drives as if they were external USB pen drives. You will want to access the larger one of the three (it should be around 20GB)


  1. The videos are in the /ethoscope-data/results folder. A video taken on 01/12/2021 on ethoscope 175 will be in a folder having that name, such as /ethoscope_data/results/175f0ab9fc5f4572859da127fe59ed4b/ETHOSCOPE_175/2021-12-01_09-43-36
  2. Copy the entire folder to your computer. If you copy the folder to the node, make sure you are going to copy it to the right destination, which for the node, is the /ethoscope_data/videos folder. So that folder should go inside /ethoscope_data/videos/175f0ab9fc5f4572859da127fe59ed4b/
  3. The files in the video folder are chunks of videos of 10 minutes each with extension .h264. You will not be able to play them as they are, but the node should be setup to process the videos automatically as explained here.