You can directly send email signups from a custom form in Webflow to Letterdrop by copy/pasting a bit of code.

Go to and login to your account. Open your site.

Add a form to your site by following this Webflow tutorial.

To work with Letterdrop, you will add a form field for email. Make sure the field ID is called email. This is important so Letterdrop knows which field corresponds to the email. You can find this by clicking on the text field within the Form element and then clicking on Text Field Settings in the top right.

Add your form action

Once you've added your form in Webflow, select your Form element in the left nav.

Selected our form, Form 3

Selected our form, Form 3

Then selecting Form Settings on the top right.

Our form ID is

Our form ID is wf-form-Get-Access

In the field called Action:

  1. Enter followed by your Letterdrop domain. If your Letterdrop site was [](<>) for example, your domain is my-newsletter, so in the Action field, you would enter [<>](<>).