At Cope a lot of the work we do is around identifying, building and scaling transformative design for early stage startups and brands. This ain't easy, and we often were made to remember that it just is not.

Surely, a new idea cannot be this difficult to put out to the world? There are some resources around to make your idea simpler. So yay, we said to ourselves. However, the moment we stepped into the world of 3D, no options were possible at all.

We decided to roll up our sleeves and put out to the world a number of resources in the world of 3D that can benefit your next big idea. We thought any bits we could do to bring things to a reality, any reality, is worth building.

Reality Tools

Industry: 3D | VR | AR

Location: Bangalore


"High-resolution 3D resources for every designer 3D icon packs, Webflow templates, Figma templates, Spark AR filters all in one place. The site is periodically updated with new resources."

About the Company

Reality.Tools is a single destination for incredible 3D resources for early stage startups, ideas and projects.

It ranges from 3D packs, presentation templates, websites and even Reality Kit templates to help you craft the next big thing.

Key Metric 1

Launched with more than 6 categories of resources and assets.

Key Metric 2

Collaborated with leading communities like CatchAR to help build user adoption.

Key Metric 3

Rendered over 100 GB of 3D assets and resources to classify over 18 categories.

The Challenge

3D is a tricky, and 3D on the web is an exponent tricker.

At Cope, we realized if our creations are to work just as intended visually, across every surface, platform and implementation; we have to provide the user with the least common denominator of 3D experiences to help.

Mine vs yours

To make this possible, we used Blender to create GLB files and then batch rendered them using a custom PBR renderer built in-house for a true to life rendering of the materials.

An Identity Fragility