As a part of my resolution at the end of 2021, I will finish at least 12 books in 2022, and here is the list!

Competing Against Luck

by Clayton M. ChristensenTaddy Hall, Karen Dillon,  David S. Duncan



When I work in Mapan, Adam, our former Chief Product, tells an exciting topic, Job to be Done, or JTBD. It's a new thing, and I like the idea. After his presentation. I did not immediately after that, but a year later I look for references. I found out the person who coined a JTBD to become a term is the late Professor Clay Christensen from HBS. So I found this book.

This book gives a solid foundation for why users use our product which, at that time, we were still guessing, and when a user is using our product like we are winning a lottery, which is not sustained.

Besides that, the most uncomfortable thing is significant ambiguity. This book like giving a new set of thinking to eliminate ambiguity.

The most fav quote in this book :

"Customers don't buy products or services; they pull them into their lives to make progress. We call this progress the "job" they are trying to get done, and in our metaphor, we say that customers "hire" products or services to solve their jobs.

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