AssetMantle’s Transparent Mode of Conduct Regarding Project Grants

The main goal of the AssetMantle platform is to democratize the use of NFTs and increase their mass adoption. And there’s no better way to do this than by adopting a community-first approach, where true builders that contribute to the growing ecosystem are empowered to do so.

To this end, the AssetMantle team is adopting a transparent mode of conduct regarding project grants. This way, developers that add value to the NFT space, and AssetMantle in particular, will receive funds that help them push their projects to completion.

What Are AssetMantle Grants?

Since the very beginning, AssetMantle has been building towards empowering the community of creators and developers. To highlight this approach, 30% of the total supply of $MNTL has been reserved for the Community Treasury, with the goal of providing rolling capital to members that genuinely believe in the project and contribute to its growth.

The AssetMantle Grant program draws from this treasury to provide builders with funds that will help them get their NFT-focused projects, large or small, to fruition. What’s more, in addition to liquid funds, AssetMantle will provide support to all the grantees with their expertise in business development strategies and marketing. This will allow projects to gain better exposure in the dog-eat-dog environment of NFTs.

In a nutshell, AssetMantle aims to provide creators, builders, and enthusiasts with the much-needed financial and logistical support in this niche. This will result in a growing, powerful community that can finally use NFTs to their full potential that thrives within the Cosmos internet of blockchains.

Who Can Apply for an AssetMantle Grant?

The best thing about the АssetMantle grants program is that they don’t limit builders to a particular niche. Anyone can apply for a grant, regardless of the scope of the project, as long as it is related to NFTs.

This means that app builders, creators, NFT enthusiasts, and idealists can become eligible for a Mantle grant as long as their project adds value to the ecosystem.

For instance, a non-exclusive list of eligible projects could include: