It is a basic desire for anyone to meet their favorite star and celebrity, either TikTok star, Actor or singer. All famous celebrities have their own followers and fans. All of these fans are crazy and interested to get connected with their celebrity.

Somehow, it is not always easier for celebrities to release their personal information or handing over to fans. Due to million of fans and subscribers, it is a tough job to reply each and every message of fans, either on social media or phone messages. But, there are some cases, when the celebrities provide their contact information to public for some genuine cause.

There are sometimes business inquiries and sometimes a very urgent need of communication with followers, in case celebrities and stars then show their contact details in different formats. Sometimes, they will only ask you to send them message via social media or they will ask to to send a direct message to their Facebook accounts or Instagram page. In other cases, for critical situation, celebrities especially TikTok stars, share their phone numbers to allow their fans to send text messages and voice calls directly to them. The phone number provided to fans, give a greater opportunity to get connected with celebrities via text message, voice call, facetime and whatsapp, as all of these work with real phone number of TikTok stars.

Moreover, it is a trend where TikTok celebrities share their contact information to their fans through several videos and posts. We've seen many TikTok videos, where celebrities are sharing their phone numbers. Alongside, TikTok stars has provided their email addresses and house addresses written on thier main profile of TikTok and Instagram.

So, all these contact details including phone numbers, email addresses, house and postal addresses and social media profiles, allow a significant easier way of communication to famous celebrities and social media personalities.

Some best examples of TikTok stars, who has public contact information are named as Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Charli D'Amelio and Tony Lopez. Other famous American TikTok Stars contact information is already available publicly.