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<aside> 📌 Marc Heemskerk, February 2021 Graduation Project Product Rational v1.0 Studies at the University of Applied Science Communication and Multimedia Design This project is in cooperation with WeMakeVR.



Name: Marc Heemskerk


Mobile: +31 6 48 86 08 21

SLCoach: Linda Trap

Start Date: 01/02/2021

Education: CMD

Coach: Harm van Vugt


End Date: 18/06/2021

Company: WeMakeVR

Address: Jacob van Lennepkade 291

Zip code: 1054 ZV


Number: +31 20 775 33 33

Location: Amsterdam

Table of Contents


Table of Contents


What is Virtual Reality?

The Problem

Design Challenge

Who are the users?

The Stakeholders

The Requirement list

What is Asymmetrical Gameplay?

How can I let them actively play together?


How to build for Virtual Reality?

How to design for mobile

Prototype 0.1

Prototype 0.2

Prototype 0.3

Prototype 0.4

Prototype 0.5

Prototype 0.6