Ratings are based on a combination of:

  1. Automated Rating* by DeFi Rating. Our assessment algorithm uses more than 20 different criteria on which each DeFi project can earn more than 30 points.

  2. XXX Token Holder & XXX Liquidity Provider Rating**. Independent DeFi Experts evaluate projects following our rating methodology suggestions.

  3. The Stupidity & Wisdom of Crowd Rating***. Regular customers evaluate project attributes from a usability and profitability perspective.

Ratings are not permanent - we monitor the DeFi projects on a daily basis and every day, new Experts join the platform and rate the projects. If none of the Experts have rated a DeFi app yet, only the technical assessment algorithm is used.

About the Rating System

To rate projects and DeFi products, a system of stars and tokens is deployed. Depending on the current rating, each project will receive tokens according to the star rating - it should be visible to all browser users so they shouldn’t even need to visit the DeFi Rating website to check the stars.

Ratings are not permanent. Projects can influence their own rating by eliminating weak aspects and by improving the user experience. Once they have affected substantive improvements, project teams can contact DeFi Rating to request a re-examination of their performance and data, which might help to change the rating.

Assessment algorithm of the Automated Rating

In our Automated Rating of Projects, the formula comprises several crucial constituents. They are mostly based on financial variables that cannot be manipulated or falsified. Hence, the Automated Project rating is based on numbers and is made absolutely objectively.

The Project rating is based on: