The Rank function is extremely useful when you want to organize your favorite media in order of importance. Here's how it works:

  1. When you are creating a node with a new media, you can add [[Rank:{number}]] in the description. The number is the rank you will assign to the media. For instance I could add to a description: "Vacations in [[India]] [[Rank:10]]". If you are creating a node with multiple images or videos then the rank will apply to all the media in the node.

  2. The number in Rank can be positive or negative from up to positive 30.

  3. Once you store your media, the rank function will influence the size of your node in the graph.

  4. To view your ranked media head to the favorites section in the main menu.

  5. Important to note that hearts in Home also influence the rank. If a media has multiple hearts or likes it will increase the rank. One heart equals to rank + 1.

  6. You could neutralize the hearts that a media has by giving a negative Rank to it. For example if a media has 1 heart, then you could edit your description like this [[Rank:-1]].