Take a complicated thing and make it easy, beautiful, and powerful. ~ Panic cofounder Cabel Sasser

Old days companies has this top to bottom structure because CEO or other executive hold the information to make the decisions. Nowadays information is shared to everyone which means that anyone can make the decision. Also iterating is much cheaper which is why wrong decisions doesn’t cost a lot and it is much more expensive to slow iteration by approving all ideas from CEO to make sure the success rate is high. ~ How Google Works

Buying other companies is way to wide knowledge not get it. Companies should have some knowledge of the thing the new company is doing. ~ The Everything Store (Jeff Bezos)

You need to be available to describe the idea of the company in one or two sentence not because that is how investors understand it but because it need to be easy for user to explain the idea to a friend. If user can’t explain what is special about the app his friend will never download the app.

Kevin Systrom solved chicken-egg problem in Instagram by making “amazing single player mode”.

Often if the idea could have been made previously it is not good enough. Try to think what is special about current time. Why it couldn’t be done 5 years ago.

Always build the initial product in less than a week. Programmers had this problem often because they want to build the website by themselves because that way it is more customizable and you don’t need to pay Shoppify. Always test ideas as quickly as possible. Poker terms fold as early as possible because more money you put in harder it is to fold later.

If you wish you would take something more seriously, do it publicly.

You make what you measure. You try to improve on the metric. - Paul Graham

Being lazy just means that you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Figure out what you don’t like and try to get over it for example out sourcing. - Gary Vee

Do the things efficiently. Something might be smart to do but if something else is even better just go there right away. You can’t say yes to everything. - Polina

To me it’s less about hours and more about stomach. - Gary Vee

I invented from Trillion Dollar Coach book that having conversations between different kind of people is such an important thing but it’s hard to have them talk. That is why it might be smart to have at least one day a week when you put every person to sit randomly on dinner with someone else so they can talk. This way engineers might meet sales or executives meet customer service.

Listen everyone but always make own conclusions. Think why it doesn’t make sense what they say. - Polina

Success is rented and you need to pay it every day. Don’t stop developing the process or become conformable.

You don’t need to be the first but last who make something ground braking for the industry. - Peter Thiel

Continue doing something focusing intensely but when you face a wall just take a break and come back again a while. This way your brain can process the things different way than in focus mode and you learn faster. Barbara Oakley

The founders I know who have created great businesses started with a good insight into something a few people wanted, and then survived long enough for many more people to realize they also wanted it. - Justin Kan