I am already well in stride on the current big goals I have set for myself — like going to the gym 3x per week! So I don’t have major goals I want to achieve, or even begin, this Ramadan, the Muslim month of sacrifice and introspection.

The one goal I have is to read a fiction book. I am constantly buying tech/business reads and other non-fiction books. I read part of all of them; I complete some.

But I haven’t read a fiction book in a few years.

So that’s my one modest goal this Ramadan. 📖


After my startup acquisition last year, I have worked on my physical, mental and spiritual health. I’m en route to benching what I did at my previous peak (2 plates). I have worked on being more positive and surrounding myself with positive people and limiting time with those who are not. And I have worked on self actualization and becoming the best version of myself.

This is the right way to live and be. But I’m also preparing myself for the grind of my next startup whenever that may be.

Excluding work goals, I want to accomplish in 2022: