What is the RUXSTARS Program?

RUXSTARS (RAINBOW UX ROCKSTARS) is a community UI/UX research program created by Out in Tech #UIUX.

The aim of the program is to foster:

  1. digital community engagement
  2. collaborative work
  3. skills development in UI/UX
  4. socializing, and
  5. conduct valuable research to LGBTQ+ initiatives and advocacies

RUXSTARS will conduct a Community Research that volunteers may easily opt-in and opt-out of, as needed. The research strategy will focus on submission-based contributions and feedback that collects a good amount of qualitative and quantitative data that enable high level insight to the research theme for the year.

By the end of a series of events, the research will create a form of published shareable work (Similar to our Digital Mentorship Program Yearbook - check out Spring 2020 Yearbook, Fall 2020 Yearbook) with proper levels of attribution based on contribution. The content of the published work will be a high-level insight of the whole research theme.

For 2021, The Research Theme is...


Experiences in Social Video Conferencing

Tired of getting Zoom fatigue? So are we. But if not Zoom... then what? There has been a surge of so many video conferencing platforms to socialize, network, and learn but we don't know which one to choose. We don't know which ones provide good experiences. and which don't. Shifting to a new platform can be a gamble, a risk and we are not sure of the outcomes. But one thing is for sure - Out in Tech wants to give you great experiences!