Automatically converting RSS feeds into emails as a great way to create and send emails containing dynamic content without much manual intervention on your part. With this feature, you can do things like:

RSS-based Emails in Sendloop

Creating RSS-based emails using Sendloop is easy. You simply:

  1. Create your email template;
  2. Set the remote RSS feed sources;
  3. Let Sendloop curate the content, incorporate it into your email, and deliver it to your recipients.

Creating RSS-based Emails Using the Sendloop Email Builder

When using one of Sendloop's ready-to-use email templates, all you need to do to implement the RSS-to-email features is to drag and drop the required content block onto your template.

You have the option of creating your RSS feed with:

Once you've added the widget to your template, hover over the area where you will display your content.