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RINGO Project Newsletters

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RINGO Project Newsletters

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RINGO: The journey so far, December 2022

VIDEO - RINGO: The Journey So Far - Rights CoLab

RINGO Learning Festival: Agenda and Recordings, October/November 2022

RINGO Learning Festival: Explore the Agenda and Watch the Sessions - Rights CoLab

Cross-Team Feedback Workshop, June 2022

RINGO Cross-Team Feedback Session Report - Rights CoLab

RINGO Prototype Portfolio, April 2022

In April, we added the eighth and final prototype to the RINGO Lab - see the full portfolio here. The prototypes were selected through a rigorous co-design process and together they address areas of opportunity in our four quadrants of transformation: Accountability, Impact and Measurement; Leadership and Governance; Solidarity and Partnership; and Resource Flows.

Open House, April 2022