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RINGO Prototype Portfolio, April 2022

In April, we added the eighth and final prototype to the RINGO Lab - see the full portfolio here. The prototypes were selected through a rigorous co-design process and together they address areas of opportunity in our four quadrants of transformation: Accountability, Impact and Measurement; Leadership and Governance; Solidarity and Partnership; and Resource Flows.

Open House, April 2022

In April 2022, we hosted our second RINGO Open House to check in with our wider community and share updates on our progress so far. Since our last Open House in November 2021, we have moved into a significant stage of our systems change process: translating our collective analysis into joint actions through prototyping. The session provided the opportunity to hear comments and answer questions on our process and the innovative prototypes we are currently testing in the RINGO Lab. Watch the recording here

View the slides that were presented here

Planting Workshop, March 2022 ****

The RINGO Planting Workshop marks the start of our final ‘develop and delivery’ phase in the RINGO journey, in which we sow the seeds of transformation. In March 2022, the RINGO Social Lab met to endorse an initial portfolio of seven prototypes which, with coaching from the RINGO core team and Reos Partners, will move forward to be tested in practice. Together, the prototypes address areas of opportunity in our four quadrants of transformation: Accountability, Impact and Measurement; Leadership and Governance; Solidarity and Partnership; and Resource Flows.

Please click here to read the full report on the RINGO Planting Workshop.

Portfolio Workshop, December 2021

RINGO - Portfolio workshop report 2.pdf

RINGO - Portfolio workshop report 2.pdf

The portfolio workshop marked a significant stage of the change process, translating the talking (inception and inquiry during the discovery phase) into doing (creating ideas and prototypes).

Throughout the inquiring, discovering and sense-making stages, RINGO has explored areas of stuckness and possibility, and identified design challenges that have produced the first set of sixteen prototyping ideas. During the workshop, the Lab members worked together to strengthen these exciting ideas into a set of tangible and testable form of prototypes.

Open House, November 2021

In November 2021, RINGO hosted an Open House to share where we are at on the RINGO journey and some of the ideas that are emerging. The session provided an opportunity to answer questions from the wider community and discuss how to get involved as we move towards prototyping for transformation. Watch the video of the session here:

Video - RINGO Open House, November 2021 - Rights CoLab