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Inquiry Phase

The purpose of the inquiry phase is to i) create a collective base of knowing and understanding, ii) to discover the current 'stuckness’ & opportunity for the system, and iii) to identify leverage points for change that will inform our hands-on innovation later on in the process.

Inquiry Phase overview presentation

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Dialogue Interview Guide

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Inquiry Clusters

Structural Racism

What needs to shift (power, mindsets, structures) to be able to tackle structural racism within the INGO system effectively?

What are the current barriers to overcoming structural racism and decolonising the ‘sector’?

Description of this inquiry cluster

Structural racism can be described as a situation/condition where the birth, values, operations, justification and the integral ethos of a system gives power and privilege to one race (in this case, ‘the West’ or Whites) over another (in this case, Blacks or other races in the global south) to the detriment of the latter. This manifests in different ways within the system (please see diagram below from Peace Direct report). Colonialism and neo-colonialism are an extension of this. The system under scrutiny here is the international development/ aid sector and the thesis is that structural racism is foundational and pervasive within this system, and International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) have been a primary facilitator of it.