<aside> 💡 Welcome to [REDACTED] University, the one stop shop for learning and joining the Cartel. The hub is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Butterfly Content, the most advanced content to make you an expert and join ████████
  2. Chrysalis Content, an intermediate course on key concepts of Curve Finance and Convex
  3. Caterpillar Content, with the most important basic concepts of Crypto and DeFi


Why an Education Hub?

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Butterfly: The [████████] Cartel 🦋📖

Like a Butterfly burrowing from its chrysalis, find your wings and join the Cartel!


ELI5: What is ████████?



[REDACTED] in the DeFi Ecosystem

Key Concepts in a nutshell

Operation Swallowtail - [REDACTED] Treasury Bootstrapping Event

How Bonding Works

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