October 25, 2021

New: Mark Favorite Feature

Launching "Mark Favorite" feature - simply click the heart icon next to the paper in the literature list to mark them as favorites and access them quickly. There are millions of papers online that you can import into your literature list in RAx with the help of RAx's WebImporter. But what if your literature list becomes too long? You found a paper relevant and then lost it in your pile of research papers in the literature list. To help you organize your list better and avoid wasting time in finding your most referred papers, we have added the "Mark Favorite" feature. You can access all your favorite papers with a click by selecting the "Favorites" option from the left navigation panel. Here is a screenshot to help you locate the feature easily.


Please reach us at support@raxter.io to share your feedback and suggestion that can help us make RAx better tailored to your needs.

September 29, 2021

New: Citation Count Feature

Citation count is an extremely useful measure of the scholarly impact of an article. RAx’s new feature- citation count helps researchers improve the overall quality of their research by allowing them to see which papers are more impactful & well supported by the research community. How to use?

Check out the tutorial here:


September 20, 2021

New: Launching RAx Review Assistant for Peer Reviewers

RAx Review Assistant is a unique AI-powered tool that aims at making the peer-review process faster and easier. It is a one-stop solution for peer reviewers to conduct high-quality peer reviews faster.

Reviewers strive to provide fair, rigorous, and constructive review reports on time to improve the manuscript quality. However, reviewing may take several weeks given their hectic schedules, and with our Review Assistant, they can now meet the deadlines much easier, while ensuring that the quality is not compromised.

Our Review Assistant accelerates the peer review process by simplifying the literature discovery, critical analysis, feedback and submission process to deliver high-quality review reports. Some of the things that you can do with the Review Assistant include: