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Way to Find Hidden Viruses:

To detect the hidden viruses, you should scan the device with webroot.com/safe antivirus software is the best option.

For this, first of all you should search cmd, and then right-click on the command prompt option. Now, you should click on run as administrator in the command prompt window. At this point, you should note down the letter of the drive for which you wish to scan for hidden viruses. Here, you have to type the command:

Drive letter; \> attrib -r -a -s -h .

After this, you should press enter key and then find the files which has a virus.

How You Can Remove Hidden Virus?

First of all, you should note down the drive letter for which you wish to scan and remove the virus. After this, you should go to start and then enter cmd in the run dialog box. Now, you have to open the command prompt window as the administrator. Then, you have to type the commands to display all the files which are in that drive.

Drive letter: attrib - s -h -r /s /d .

Here, you have to press enter key in order to view the list of all files from which you can locate the suspecting virus files. Generally, hidden virus files are named autorun or it has extensions like inf. If you want to remove these viruses, then **enter** the commands

Del filename.extension

At last, you should close the window after removing the virus.

Windows has an inbuilt security tool that is Window Defender. This tool can remove the threat from your computer system if you enabled it. For this, you should open the settings screen on your windows computer and then just select update & security option. After this, you should click on windows security and then select open windows defender security center. Now, you should hit on virus & threat protection. Here, you should select scan now in order to start scanning the system.

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The user should install Webroot antivirus software through www webroot com safe for removing the hidden virus from your device. It quickly identifies and blocks all kind of Internet threat like malware and viruses. And it also gives you the alert notification when it found any malicious content or websites in your device. It runs in the background and timely scan your device in order to remove all kind of viruses.