Again, and I can't emphasize this enough, you should only share links to publicly. Please see our full Event Promotion Guide for more detail on that point.

There are however times when you just need to get to something. This page is for those times. hilariously links to this page. You're welcome. links to active ticket pages. links to the production guide doc from TED

You can find a list of all production assets here, including a remote production guide if you're filming at home. links to our speaker coaching course & updates there, and if you're actively in speaker coaching you can book a time with our coaches at links to our Flickr account where event pictures are available for download and public use at all times.

And Lander.Foundation/TEDxCOS will ways link to the latest event :)

And because of our redirect structure, this latest event page is also available at, just in case you really like typing "TEDxCOS" repeatedly

If you have any other links you'd like us to add here, just say so!