The Concept

The SWOT Analysis, also known as SWOT Matrix, is a technique designed to help organizations identify their Strengths and Weaknesses and based on those, its Opportunities and Threats.

It is intended to be applied to early stage discussions about new business goals or endeavors, as a it helps to bring up what may contribute to the success or failure of the initiative and if properly done can help identify new opportunities and mitigate risks that might otherwise have gone entirely unnoticed.

Strenghs are characteristics of the person, project, product or business that give it an advantage over others.

Generally an external condition that the person, project or business could exploit to its advantage.

Weaknesses are characteristics that places a person, project, product or business at a disadvantage in relative to others.

Generally also an external condition that could create problems for the endeavor or individual being analyzed.

The SWOT Board

The Strategic Planning template uses a Kanban style board to make it easy for teams to collaborate in the creation of the SWOT Analysis in a visual way. As shown in the image bellow, the board has collumns for each kind of element and uses a predefined property which is color coded to represent them.

SWOT Analysis of the Starship Enterprise, being run using this template.

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