Are you a Melbourne Fringe Festival first-timer with a ripper idea? Or have you been around the Fringe block and just want to get your head around a few key areas? Our quick chats series are presented by key Melbourne Fringe staff and designed to take you through the basics. In the format of 5-10 minute short videos that you can watch (or listen to, or read) in your own time, they cover topics such as: registrations, venues, budgeting, access, marketing & ticketing. No frills, just the key information that you need to get the job done.

Quick Chats with Danny

What is a Producer?

Danny answers that age-old question: “what is a producer”?

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Transcript - What is a producer.docx

The Festival Hub

Danny provides you with a run-down of Melbourne Fringe’s Festival Hub.

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Transcript - Festival Hub.docx

Quick Chats with Carly

Why is access important?

Carly explains why access is so important to consider while planning and creating your Melbourne Fringe Festival 2022 event.

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Transcript - Why is access important.docx

Physical accessibility

This video looks at how to consider physical accessibility, and how to conduct a venue audit of your Festival venue.

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Transcript - Physically acccessible venues.docx

Access provisions

Carly describes some access provisions for: deaf/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences, people who are blind or have low vision, and neurodiverse audiences.