Quest 1- The Basics

Requirement 1: Add a token to your portfolio

  1. Select “Add” from your nav bar
  2. Select Chainlink from the options available




Requirement 2: Send .5 LINK to a friend

  1. Visit Rinkbey Faucet and get LINK (
  2. Select LINK from your portfolio and select send
  3. Input your friends address or DOT name and send the transaction(If needed use DOT Name: LordGandhi)






Requirement 3: Ask MyLilius to send you .5 LINK

  1. Send the tweet below to
    1. Hey #MyLilius I’m requesting .5 LINK. My DOT Name is [Enter DOT Name or attach your QR code] (Do not send your public address)

Quest 2: Interacting with dApps

Requirement 1: Send with Gnosis Safe

  1. Visit
  2. Create a new safe using wallet connect and MyLilius Wallet
  3. Fund your Gnosis Safe by sending a transaction from your wallet to the safe
  4. Send a portion of your Gnosis Safe funds to a friend or DOT Name: LordGandhi