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Daily & weekly quests

When using the /quests command, you'll see three different kinds of quests available; Daily, Weekly and Monthly. While monthly quests aren't available yet (SoonTM), you'll be able to start completing your daily and weekly quests straight away! These quests consist of small challenges and tasks that are given when the quest type has refreshed, either each day or each week!

Quest challenges will change in difficulty and will vary a lot with many different types of tasks to complete! Whether it be mining diamonds or catching pufferfish, there's always something to do!

Along-side earning credits for each quest completing, you'll also earn them for completing streaks! Every 5 daily quests in a row (without missing any) will reward you with an extra 50 credits - this system is designed to keep people completing their quests over and over again!

With hundreds of quest tasks designed, there are simply too many to write down here.. We hope that you all enjoy discovering new quests each day, and we hope you're excited to see what comes from this system in the future!

Monthly quests

Coming soon...

Quest store

Completing quests will earn you Quest Credits, which you will then be able to use in the credits store to buy rare and unique items. To begin with the items are things you would be familiar with already, however particularly when monthly quests have launched, you will begin to see custom and unique items available here - better save those credits!

To visit the Quest Store, do /quests and click the emerald!

The first page of the Quest store.

The first page of the Quest store.

Items available in the Quest Store