Who are you and what do you do?

Im Eli muro I am an artist and designer, musician etc.

What medium(s) do you typically work? Why?

illustration, code, electronics, video/projections. I like to try out new mediums, im not particularly tied to just one but I do like exploring the creative possibilites of code and electronics recently. I spent a long time doing visual art like painting and drawing when I was younger and I eventually got tired of it, so I started trying out new things. After my design education which is in interaction design, I started to apply some of the things I learned there in my artistic practice as well. Drawing and image making will always be a part of what I do to some extent I think.

I also work with sound and have done some experimental composition projects Riot Surroundings as well as lots of other work in more traditional music production.

What are recurring themes in your work?

Post chat thoughts

Information technology and how it effects society



but I think it depends on the medium I am working in. With sound works I am just exploring different ways of composition, recently its been exporing generative ways, letting a program autonomously create music.

Why are you drawn to them?

I think our emerging tools and how they are rapidly shaping society is the issue of our times, to me it seems that way anyway. Its inescapable, from how we eat & move our bodies to who's in positions of power, all of is is deeply connected to the ways we communicate which is highly mediated by information technologies. I often think about the printing press and how that new mode of information distribution changed the world. If I was making art in 1440 I would for sure want to make work with the printing press lmao.

What inspires your work?