Imagine an omniscient god who deeply loves you. Which option would this god choose for you?

There's a gun to your head. You'll be killed unless you choose the right one in the next 30 seconds. Which do you choose?

You’re on your deathbed. You look back on this year of your life and think to yourself, “I’m really glad I chose to do ______.” Fill in the blank with the first one that comes to mind.

Which one would you choose if you were being courageous?

Which has the best chance of leading you to amazing further options?

Eg if you do a project that has you interacting with many inspired people, one of them might introduce to the actual best project, whereas doing solo coding is unlikely to have that effect

Picture a version of you that says “Fuck it, I’m just going to do what I’ve always wanted to do.” What does s/he decide to do?

Which one of these would tone your felt experience of life with meaning?

Which satisfies the most convergently instrumental goals?

Relatedly, which ones sets you up the best for the future?

Pretend you already know the answer. What’s the answer?

Which one would you find satisfying as an end-in-itself, not for other reasons (your resume, doing good, being respected, etc)?

Which one would have you working amongst ideas, people, and environments that will bring out your wisdom and power?

Which of these would your body choose?

Which of these enables what you specifically were put here to do?

Which option is most compatible with the other things I want in my life? (Eg hobbies, relationships, etc)