<aside> 🔑 As we go on this journey to find out what it means to be fully human and who we are, questions that provide us with clarity or act as a starting point come up. We thought to share these with you as you go on your own journey as well.


  1. What does your Given Name mean?

    a. Google it and find out the history and meaning behind it.

    b. Have a chat with your parents and discover why they decided on this name for you.

  2. What are some inclinations & propensities you remember having as a child?

    a. These could be interests you had even when no one told you or taught you about them e.g. Organising things in patterns, singing and dancing, pulling things apart and assembling them together again.

  3. Did you continue to pursue these interests?

a. If so, are they still in your life somehow right now? Or, did you pursue them until something happened?

b. If you feel a sense of regret and realise that these inclinations are no longer there, begin to ask yourself: (1) Why is this so? (2) How did it happen?

<aside> ⭐ As Kris Vallatton puts it very succinctly,

Our calling gives us our identity. Our gifting gives us our ability. Our anointing gives us our purpose.

Have you identified your personal calling, gifting, and anointing? If so, what are they? If not, be on the lookout for keys to identifying these in your own life as we continue today.