The Query Tool is a Boolean filter tool for the entire Golden Knowledge Base. It allows all users to make simple or advanced queries to surface information, answers, and opportunities.

What is the Query Tool?

The Query Tool is designed to help people in organizations stay current with, understand, and leverage the latest trends in their industry. It combines a powerful search across millions of entities in the Golden Knowledge Base, exotic types of entities you cannot normally query, fine-grained alerts to stay on top of changes, and AI-assisted research for any gaps in our knowledge. It’s available via the web interface, API, or integration to classic CRMs.

Accessing the Query Tool

The Query Tool is available to all users. You can access the Query Tool by clicking the Query Tool menu item in the Sidebar.

Filter by Entity Type

At the top of the Query Tool interface, use the drop-down menu next to "Show me" to build queries for companies, people, venture capital firms, cryptocurrencies, products, investment funds, and more. Users can add filters to construct simple or complex Boolean queries of the Golden knowledge base:

Different entity types have their own sets of filters and parameters. Here is a selection of filters from some of the most-queried entity types in Golden: