Once the 3-month probationary period has been completed, everyone at Float can take one Life Leave day per quarter regardless of capacity and start date.

The Life Leave benefit’s purpose is twofold—we want to encourage the habit of regular  time off, and we also want to reinforce the idea that it’s okay to take time off to just do life. You don’t need a planned holiday to justify switching off.

Life Leave is different from other leave types, including our regular Paid Time Off (PTO), because it's not meant to be used with your vacation days or regional holidays. To use your Life Leave days you don't need a reason like a vacation to take a break from Float which is why we introduced this time off type.

Your life leave days don’t carry over to the next quarter, accrue, or get paid out so we encourage you to plan ahead and schedule one in every quarter to take full advantage of the benefit.

All Life Leave requests are managed in Float.com, which you will have access to in your first week.

🇺🇸  US Team Members booking Life Leave is a 2-step process:

  1. Schedule the Life Leave in Float & wait for approval then,
  2. Add it to your Rippling profile.

🌏  Contractor Team Members booking Life Leave is a 1-step process:

  1. Schedule the Life Leave in Float & wait for approval.

<aside> 🔋 Remember to always set your Slack with a 🔋 emoji when you have Life Leave.


Here's a simple checklist you can use for Life Leave requests: