Hawkins: Some qualia are learned via movement, similar to how we learn models of objects (‣). Redness, greenness, of surfaces are reference frames with the model of how the light reflected from the surface should change depending on the angle. Q: what about the effect of surrounding on colour perception, such as in the case of blue/golden dress?

Qualia are a property of our brain's model of the world.

Dennett: qualia is a sense we get when our Bayesian predictor of expectation (i.e. a part of the self) of some property is confirmed. Cf. ‣.

Hume's inversion: it's not the property on an object allows us to describe it and feel something about it but vice versa, these abilities make us think there is a property. Supposing there's a "real" property requires double decoding work. ‣.



A Thousand Brains