This document describes the current QA process at Contra and discusses how a dedicated QA person will add value to the future QA processes.

30,000th foot view of the desired QA process 🏔

Current Process 📔


PM creates a story and defines acceptance criteria, e.g.


📗Turn on/off the "Work With Me" button (internal link)

Acceptance Criteria:

GIVEN: I'm a registered user 
WHEN: I open the "Edit Profile" modal
THEN: I see a toggle control for the "Work With Me" button
AND: it's turned on by default
AND: I can turn it off
AND: the "Work With Me" button won't be displayed on my profile

Engineers breakdown these stories into technical deliverables, e.g.

  1. Add showGeneralInquiryCta field to UserProfile
  2. Modify ProfileInfoEditorForm to include the Work With Me switch/checkbox.

Technical tasks are implemented, integration tests are added at a discretion of the engineers working on the individual tasks, PRs are raised.

PR will include link to the original Height task and a description of QA steps, e.g.

1. Open your profile settings editor
2. toggle the "work with me switch" save form
3. Make sure the changes persist.
4. Then log in as another user.
5. Browse to your main profile page
6. Ensure that the "Work with me" CTA button doesn't appear on the project cards.

Every PR is reviewed by at least 1 other engineer, which involves going through all the QA steps and either approving the task or giving feedback.

We don't have staging environment, however, each PR has a preview branch that can be accessed by the person reviewing the PR.