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Join our team

We are currently recruiting and are looking for people with different expertise and skillsets, applications are considered on a rolling basis so please apply asap:

<aside> 💡 The expected time contribution per week is 2-4 hours, but we can be flexible with your schedule if needed.


*** Please describe your past app dev experiences and/or send your resume if you are applying for any of the developer roles.

*** Please submit a few design samples and your resume if you are applying for the designer role

What is the type of people that we are looking for?

We look for people who can add value to the project and the team regardless of your background. Our recruitment strategy is rather atypical and transparent.

Potential new members that join are by default considered Seedlings. During this phase, you are discovering which area you are most interested in. You will be expected to identify a small project that you can contribute to, to work during the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, we would review the progress and decide whether you can move onto a Sapling.

During the Sapling phase, you are discovering whether you are a good fit for Quest2Learn. You are expected to find a larger project, that can be an extension of the first small project. Once you have finished a month long project, and you have demonstrated that you can add value then you are considered a full member of the Quest2Learn team!

Benefits of joining our team!