Support & Guide Growth

We want to support meaningful career growth for engineers and provide guidance for all potential growth paths.

We want to offer engineers a clear path to level up internally and provide clarity on what's expected of them to get a promotion.

We want to empower engineers to take their career development into their own hands.

Reinforce Our Values

We want to strengthen our team values by codifying them into concrete skills and behaviours.

We want to align career progression with our culture.

Consistent Evaluation & Feedback

We want to hold everyone to the same standards, avoiding biases and favouritism.

We want a unified reference for framing feedback in 1:1s, career conversations, or 360° peer feedback.

Consistent Hiring

We want our job descriptions to align with our growth framework.

We want to provide clear expectations to candidates as well as interviewers.

We want to reduce biases and provide consistent offers that are purely qualification-based.