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NPM Token

Before you can enable automation you should add NPM_TOKEN secret to your repository. You should use an automation token that belongs to one of the shared NPM Service Accounts. You should choose the account based on the organization the repository in which you want to set up publishing resides. If an account for the organization doesn’t exist yet, it should be created (How to create a new shared NPM service account?)

Unified CI

Unified CI for JS is the easiest way to set up JS package testing and releasing in CI.

It distributes js-test-and-release GitHub Action workflow to participating repositories. In particular, the workflow automates running npm run --if-present release on merges to the default branch.

To enable Unified CI for your repository:

  1. Set up NPM Token in your repository
  2. Give https://github.com/web3-bot push access to your repository (through organization’s github-mgmt repository if applicable; if unsure, ask #ipdx)
  3. Add your repository to https://github.com/protocol/.github/blob/master/configs/js.json