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Business Owners Becoming Harm Reduction Advocates

As the opioid crisis continues to worsen across the nation, businesses have urged greater harm reduction policies by the government. In an interview with Amir Ali of Daily Hive, Jackie Haliburton, the owner of storefront Angel Vancouver has expressed her dissatisfaction with the city as she states, “the city is grossly out of touch when it comes to business owners like her struggling with theft and vandalism”. Business owners in the area exhibited great compassion and understanding of the complex issues that reside in the Downtown Eastside region, however, Haliburton states that the city has done little to support those that are suffering from substance dependency as there is a lack of treatment and recovery services provided. As a result, businesses owners have demonstrated strong leadership in supporting harm reduction approaches and voicing for a safe supply rollout. In the article released by Jeff Labine of Edmonton Journal, it is said that hundreds of businesses in Canada have scaled up harm reduction initiatives at their establishments by completing training for Naloxone administration in case an overdose situation should ever arise.

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