Fascinating psychological tricks to learn

<aside> 💡 Here’s a list of some easy psychological tricks to learn for you.


  1. People feel special when you call them out by their names. Don’t overdo it but start doing it to attract more attention.

  2. Writing is the best ways to channel your thoughts clearly and interrupt overthinking. When you write your thoughts, it helps it reducing the “load” you have on your head. Talking about these thoughts is the ultimate way to reduce the burden.

  3. More choices =/= Better Opportunities. Too many choices can you leave in a state of delusion and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Reduce your choices to only prominent ones.

  4. Explaining a concept to someone, especially a child, is the best way to improve your knowledge about it as well. It helps in clearing your thoughts.

  5. In Psychology, A concept called Mirroring is a technique where if you want someone to agree with you when asking a question, slightly nod your head while doing so. This develops a sense of agreeableness.

  6. When you are expecting an honest answer from someone, stay silent and maintain a subtle eye contact. This intimidation might lead them to give you the true information.

  7. Dress like the way you want to be OR fake it till you make it is actually helpful as it acts as a trigger for your brain to actually help you achieve. There’s a detailed article about it.

  8. Kill them with kindness” is an actual way to counter negativity from someone. Sometimes, it will be the only way to win an argument & most petty fights.