Proposal to start an ecosystem of mobile, tablet and wearable applications for the DAO.

Title: BanklessDAO Mobile App

Authors: @0xNSHuman

Squad: @0xNSHuman (Champion), addamsson#7663.

Date Created: 9/03/2021

Date Posted: 9/25/2021


The BanklessDAO mobile app is a product that connects the user to everything that happens in the DAO, providing a mobile interface to:

The first stage of the project is going to focus on increasing conversion of joining members to contributors, as well as promoting the projects and content produced across the DAO, effectively aggregating it all in a single hand-held format that rewards engagement.

The following stages would extend the functionality, introducing collaboration, interaction with the blockchain (Bankless Mobile Wallet), as well as features and improvements based on feedback from the members and the DAO projects participating in the integration.

Finally, the ecosystem would be extended with tablet, wearable and Internet-Of-Things interfaces in the future.