Some Notes:

Unit of Transfer Protocol Type State Server can handle arbitrary data structures Incrementally Verifiable Transfers Can ask about data without downloading it? Server-Side Work Tag/External Context Required Basic Request Unit Designed to parallelize content fetch across multiple peers? Impl. Status Repo Link Deployment Intent
Bitswap Blocks Message (* some implementations treat as Req-Resp) Yes/Optional Yes Yes Yes KV Lookups No Set of CIDs Yes In Production
GraphSync DAG Message Yes No (Yes with correct IPLD plugins registered) Yes No Deterministic selector execution No (Set of) Selectors No In Production
CARMirror Linked collection of blocks (specific DAG)
Bloom Filter Req-Resp (streaming variant documented but not implemented) Yes Yes No, but possible with small change Yes Graph traversal + early termination by matching Bloom Yes RootCID(s) + Bloom No Working Prototype Make WNFS fetches reliable & efficient, which is a general problem
KrakenSync DAG Stream Session No No (Even with plugins cannot handle UnixFS HAMTs) Yes Kinda: Bitfield info Deterministic graph traversal per server No RootCID Yes Working Prototype ?
Stargate DAG Req-Resp / HTTP No Currently UnixFS only Yes Yes, configurable Per “domain” pathing queries (each optimized to a domain) No RootCID + Path Yes Working Prototype Possible Boost Filecoin target, mostly aimed to be an IPFS Gateway replacement
Rapide DAG Meta-Protocol Composition Yes N/A: Uses other Data transfer Protocols Yes, via choice of transfer protocol N/A N/A (depends on the underlying protocol) No N/A (depends on the underlying protocol) Yes Working Prototype Targeting deployment in kubo to improve download speeds
CAR-over-HTTP (selector, or full DAG) DAG Req-Resp No No (Yes with correct IPLD plugins registered) Yes No selector execution or DAG traversal No RootCID or Selector No “In Production”
Manifetch List of block identifiers Req-Resp No No (Yes with correct IPLD plugins registered) Yes N/A Selector execution No Selector-like Working Prototype
BitTorrent File byte ranges; v2 has some specific DAG pieces; optional manifest extension Message Yes No Yes *(manifest not incrementally verifiable if not present) Yes Reusable recomputed graph layout Yes RootCID Yes In Production
WebSeed File byte range Req-Resp No No Yes N/A Byte range lookups Yes or N/A byte range In Production
Git Specific DAG Req-Resp No No No Yes? Compute specialized compressed diff. Cached for most common cases Yes For git pull : Tag No In Production