Keeping track of some of the serious and less serious projects that I’ve worked on in the past few years.. mainly personal/ pet projects



Description: Web app that lets you upload a PDF and returns it looking like a scanned document

Comment: Weekend project to practice my “quick prototyping” skills. Intended to be done with it in 4 hours. Eventually took me 8 hours. Fixing mobile specific quirks and deploying took longer than expected.

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, NextJS (React), Python, FastAPI, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Run, ImageMagic, Ghostscript, TailwindCSS


Description: Chinese English database that can perform lookups into any direction using english, pinyin, or han. Further, it provides the decomposition of characters. Meaning, the database has an internal schema that provides arbitrary deep decomposition information, for example it allows to naturally query for the components of 好 (good), which are 女 (woman) and 子 (son).

Comment: I started learning Chinese (on and off) in 2019. I was planning to build my own Chinese learning app, but in the process I realized that there is no good database available that I could use as my source of truth (and that offers character decomposition). I successfully kept procrastinating learning Chinese by developing this very comprehensive database 😉. Will make the database available at some point.

Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, NextJS (React), Prisma (ORM), Python, FastAPI, HuggingFaces, Google Run, Cloud SQL, TailwindCSS



Description: Open-source knowledge platform, inspired by Investopedia, but covering engineering and related business and financing topics.