I’m a projects enthusiast.

Growing up, I used to spend a lot of time at home, and being shy wouldn’t help much to socialize either. So I’d create projects to entertain myself. Below, project ideas on an old notepad.




This motivation for creation helped a lot during school, university, and even to secure jobs. Incredibly, I’ve met many talented people who share the same passion and inspire me to this day to continue. Under projects, I also want to include volunteering. You can also find more on my timeline at Polywork.


💀 - Done and Dead ⌛ - Ongoing 🚀 - Done and available for you to try!

Hyperlinked Year Description Status
Lista U 2012 Led the creation of a Students’ Union party with classmates. I was the one responsible for creating the flyer, the Facebook page, and getting us a campaign stand. 💀
TheExecs 20172018 A student-led agency promoting a shower toilet. Created the Wordpress, and produced the final video (both storyline and editing). 💀
Love Coffee Love Costa 2018 An independent video for a friend’s assignment. Created the storyline, recorded, and edited. 💀
Video Poem 2018 MMU Arts Festival: submitted an independent video-poem showcased at uni’s Students Union. 💀
DigitalKoda 20182019 A student-led agency 1st place winner in the DSMMCM1819 SEOCup. I was the one managing the team, created all the social accounts, and wrote all the blog posts. 💀
Café Pixelado 2019 A gaming fansite aimed at teens within a community. 💀
Bobbacast 2020 A podcast aimed at exploring the impact of videogames on players’ lives. I was the one who wrote the content for the landing page now only available on Wayback Machine. 💀
inesreisx.com 2021 Cultivating this digital garden!
#CatchUpSundays 2021 Writing reflective posts from time to time.
Product Humps 2022 Weekly writing on Wednesdays about Product Management. 💀
@embryoana 2022 Creating an online presence for my sister and aspiring embryologist Ana Reis.
GameFinder 2022 An online free web browser games aggregator. Just type any game name or game genre and play. (ideally) 🚀
Play for Ukraine 2022 A website that aggregates games promoting peace in Ukraine, raising awareness of the war and supporting Ukrainian indie developers. 🚀