I’m a projects enthusiast.

Growing up, I used to spend a lot of time at home, and being shy wouldn’t help much to socialize either. So I’d create projects to entertain myself. This motivation for creation helped a lot during school, university, and even to secure jobs. Incredibly, I’ve met many talented people who share the same passion and inspire me to this day to continue.

Within projects, I also like to include volunteering. You can also find my timeline at Polywork.


Hyperlinked Year Description Status
Lista U 2012 Led the creation of a Students’ Union party with classmates. I was the one responsible for creating the flyer, the Facebook page, and getting us a campaign table. 💀
TheExecs 20172018 A student-led agency promoting a shower toilet. Created the Wordpress, and produced the final video (storyline, editing). 💀
Love Coffee Love Costa 2018 An independent video for a friend’s assignment. Created the storyline, recorded, and edited. 💀
Video Poem 2018 MMU Arts Festival: submitted an independent video-poem showcased at uni’s Students Union. 💀
DigitalKoda 20182019 A student-led agency 1st place winner in the DSMMCM1819 SEOCup. I was the one managing the team, created all the social accounts, and wrote all the blog posts. 💀
Café Pixelado 2019 A gaming fansite aimed at teens within a community. 💀
Bobbacast 2020 A podcast aimed at exploring the impact of videogames on players’ lives. I was the one who wrote the content for the landing page now only available on Wayback Machine. 💀
inesreisx.com 2021 Cultivating this digital garden!
#CatchUpSundays 2021 Writing a blog post every Sunday.
Product Humps 2022 Weekly writing on Wednesdays about Product Management. 💀
@embryoana 2022 Creating an online presence for my sister and aspiring embryologist Ana Reis.