<aside> 👉 Projects are where you share and inspect designs as screens in Interplay. When uploading designs to Interplay, any supporting new design components or tokens can also be uploaded.


Projects are containers for content pushed from design tools such as Figma - usually they contain Screens, but you can also push design components and design tokens pushed from Figma.

Your Workspace can contain multiple projects

For more details about projects, see Projects

Creating a Project

You can create a new project via your Workspace dashboard in Interplay:


Your project will be created and added to your Workspace.

Navigating in your project

At the top left of your screen you have the main tabs available in the project:


Screens - contains Screens pushed from design tools such as Figma

Components - contains design components pushed from design tools such as Figma

Tokens - view design tokens pushed to this project from design tools such as Figma

At the bottom left of your screen you'll find the links to project utilities:


Version history - see pending changes and history of this project

Settings - link to popup the project settings dialog

Help - links to documentation and chat - please let us know if we can help!

Managing Project Settings

To access the settings for your Project click on the Settings cog icon at the bottom left of your screen:


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