About the template

Below you find two timelines, one of the current projects, a second for the tasks that are scheduled, so you can keep track of all the work.

If you open a page you find some basic properties that can be used to alter the view in ‘Table’ or ‘Timeline’ view. If you open a project you can add extra information (text, images/videos, documents) on the page itself.

Use the project page to focus on a specific project and the task within that project. Use the Task overview below to see the priorities form all your tasks.

Pro tip: If you would like you can give clients access to the project page via the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner.

Task Management

Client Relation Management

Project management

Below tou find a table view of the projects filtered at ‘Status project’ at ‘Outstanding offer’. This makes it possible to somehow look a bit in the future, which projects are a possibilty and how your schedule would be when all projects get a green light. To see the schedule more clearly in this overview below, click on ‘Table’ an select ‘Timeline’.