X-Ray is a research project by the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit at MakerDAO. Our mission is to support sustainable growth of one of key MakerDAO protocol’s moats, workforce, via research. We believe that in order for crypto to truly reach its potential, we must be able to scale up and onboard significantly more developers and technical talent into the ecosystem — in a sustainable, repeatable and systematic way, devoid of crypto market cycles. Therefore, our focus lies on reducing the barrier to entry for developers into the ecosystem, as well as efforts to keep these contributors engaged and participating in the long-run.


🎯  Goals

Helping Maker have the best & most successful onboarding experience for new participants. With the highest retention rate in industry.

✅ Established standards for developer onboarding & retention for MakerDAO protocol

✅ Live & accurate overview of the tech talent onboarding & retention model

✅ Prospective future projects for addressing detected bottlenecks

📍Research highlights

<aside> 💡 Read the full report on the first X-Ray objective Benchmarking the best practices in crypto developer onboarding & retention:

Can crypto cross the chasm?: sustainable ways to attract, onboard and retain developer talent in the crypto ecosystem.t


<aside> 🙋‍♂️ Contribute to our developer journey research! Sign up to participate if you're:

  ☑️ a crypto developer
  ☑️ developer interested in crypto career
  ☑️ none but can help distribute the survey.



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